Back in the Sunshine State!

Well, we are back in our old “neighborhood” in Palm Coast.  Same address too…G-3 (Dock G, Slip 3) Ahhhh…


Jon enjoys our 4 footed neighbors…and they run to see him.

FullSizeRender copy 341

I am back enjoying the beach sunrisesIMG_3867IMG_3981

as I walk with my buddy, Bonnie, in search of heart shells.IMG_3917

Jon is back to some of his favorite past times…fishingFullSizeRender copy 333

IMG_3964FullSizeRender copy 329FullSizeRender copy 334

cooking (with the amazing Chef Cheryl)


and surfing…his f a v o r i t e!!

IMG_4008FullSizeRender copy 327FullSizeRender copy 326FullSizeRender copy 324

And he has the best coach ever…


Loves it so much, he has even begun to doodle during math…the smiling surfer!


He has found a few new enjoyments as part of science… tortoises,

FullSizeRender copy 336FullSizeRender copy 337IMG_3931

birds…Great Horned Owl papa

IMG_3939FullSizeRender copy 332and one of his owlets soon to fledge. (so high up…sorry it’s unclear)FullSizeRender copy 331

We walked on an Audubon trail FullSizeRender copy 323

with friends to see their rookeries. It is nesting season down here.IMG_4065IMG_4066

Beach birds make up a large portion of our bird watcher’s checklist.

FullSizeRender copy 346FullSizeRender copy 345FullSizeRender copy 344FullSizeRender copy 343

FullSizeRender copy 338

Katherine is so enjoying learning sign language!  We went to a class at the library where a mother of 5, whose oldest is deaf, and whose youngest I got to hold…


taught so many wonderful things about sign language.  Most of it Katherine knew, but her high point was meeting Melita…

FullSizeRender copy 325teenage girl, home schooled, learning ASL, loves music and had red tipped hair like Katherine had. Two peas in a pod.  Today we all went to Deaf Awareness Day at a local college.


Melita and Katherine played deaf games, participated in”hand” activities, IMG_4147IMG_4149IMG_4150

spoke with and watched many who are getting a Deaf Education degree,FullSizeRender copy 348

and enjoyed the students from Florida School of Deaf and Blind put on an amazing performance of signing and dancing to songs on stageFullSizeRender copy 347

and  with those watching.


Communicating with them afterwards was so natural to these girls.  IMG_4166IMG_4165

Katherine is also expanding her art as she painted her converse high tops white and is adding artwork to that…a new project.  Amazing!IMG_3921IMG_4044

Richard is beefing up his guitar abilities, learning and practicing every day! (this is him in his “Music” class.  🙂

IMG_4208IMG_4211IMG_4206FullSizeRender copy 349

David continues to create wearable art during the day

FullSizeRender copy 335

while working at a beachside restaurant at night.

Being back in Palm Coast, I had the privilege of seeing these 2 boys while visiting their parents…I call them boys because I babysat them when they were under 10 years old…Brian and Darren Grzyb. (Jason was in CA)FullSizeRender copy 342

A quick update for those who know my older, married children.  Stephen is still creating such beautiful art while happily married to his wife, Samantha,

IMG_3910and enjoying their new kitty, Finn.  cc

Andrew and Tania’s newest daughter, our newest granddaughter, Mia, is 2 months old…Mara is 21 months.IMG_4130IMG_4129IMG_4133


Courtney and Julian are soon to make a move to Colorado


for his new job as a JAG lawyer (Judge Advocate General’s Corps, also known as JAG or JAG Corps, refers to the legal branch or specialty of a military concerned with military justice and military law).


Marilee is loving Cristian,


Cristopher, dd

and working to help others.


And last, but not least, Emily.  This is “another day in the office” for her


and she is expanding her skills as these fish are the result of her spear fishing.  She is loving her life underwater, in the Keys…e

though she still loves sunflowers on land.


And that is a synopsis of life in the Wells’ family.  We,

IMG_4188with our curly, sun-kissed, wind blown hair, are blessed!

Behold, children are a gift of the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward.   Psalm 127:3






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