Providence ~ destiny, God’s will, divine intervention!


I see His fingerprints daily.  This month I was so thankful that I didn’t HAVE to go to Nashville! Dr. Abram allowed me to get my MRI done right down the street and all is clear; no changes; I am good for another year. “In everything give thanks!” IMG_4820

This month I did GET to go to Nashville to be with my son Andrew’s family.  Mara, 20 mo. old granddaughter, had 2 cataracts and was scheduled to have them surgically removed.  “In everything give thanks!”  I arrived and was greeted by this happy girl


and her new little sister, Mia…3 months old.  Happy girl #2!IMG_4516

Mara’s first surgery was the next day!  I woke to this beautiful land sunrise, andIMG_4517enjoyed the start of my day with coffee from this amazing espresso machine.  They are coffee aficionados. Liquid cocoa, double shot, frothed milk, voila!


We headed to Vanderbilt.  I hugged and prayed for my sweet girl as she headed back with Daddy and Mommy,


and I stayed in the waiting room with sleepy   IMG_4520

then wide awake, Mia.


All went great for both surgeries!  Eyes are healthy and for both, she will wait until her eyes are fully grown before new lenses replaces the old.  IMG_4523IMG_4522IMG_4617

Check ups went great



and glasses have been ordered that will carry her until she is about 7-10 years old. Sunglasses are her favorites so I am sure she will love the new ones that allow her to see the details she has missed.


We got lots of play time in.


IMG_4549IMG_4573FullSizeRender copy 368

Mia and I enjoyed snuggle timeFullSizeRender copy 367

and tummy time.


Andrew, Tania and I played games when the girls went down for the night


and we all enjoyed dinner on the grounds at Arrington Vineyards.  IMG_4577

Love these two.IMG_4669IMG_4642

Two weeks went way too fast!  The privilege I had to take off my “Mom” hat and put on my “Happy” hat (that was the name of my grandmother, my mom, and now me) was awesome; memorable; sweet!

I returned this week


after having the joy of meeting Cheryl on the flight.  Mom of 6 in which we had so much in common.  IMG_4698

Jonathan is in his last days of school and science this week was about frogs which begin as tadpoles.


We then explored our rain filled pond at the marina and after finding a cute grasshopper,FullSizeRender copy 364IMG_4702

we found tadpoles!! FullSizeRender copy 365IMG_4713

We found a few eggs too and have watched them hatch,FullSizeRender copy 366

fed them fish food, IMG_4723IMG_4720

and are having fun watching them grow.  Life is school, school is life! IMG_4718

I am so blessed to be a mother (and grandmother)


and I am loved beyond my wildest hopes and dreams! (do you see the heart in the coffee?)


 Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks;  

for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


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