Hiking from one side to the other

With the wind down, we left Green Turtle and traveled to a few islands to the north. Powell Cay, first stop.  We anchored off the beach, dinghied ashore, and followed the signs.


We hiked up to the bluff first


over looking the boat.


We passed these heart shaped podsIMG_8996

with seeds.


Next, we traveled across the island from the Abaco Bay side to Ocean Beach side.IMG_9001IMG_8993

from there


to here


Back in the bay we found some beautiful stars…under water…12 feet under!  Way to go, Richard


and Jon!


Anchored out for a night on the water.


Headed down to Nunjack Cay the next morning


and Rich and Jon took the dive gear for a test drive in the bay.  IMG_9047IMG_9035

Jon paddle boarded to the rocky wall at sunset.


The next morning we paddle boarded together to the beach

FullSizeRender copy 89IMG_9063IMG_9068

We all geared up to walk the entire island from the boat in the north (ignore my error in the ocean, haha)

FullSizeRender copy 77

along the ocean

FullSizeRender copy 87IMG_9111

to south bay.

FullSizeRender copy 80IMG_9096FullSizeRender copy 84FullSizeRender copy 83FullSizeRender copy 85

and back again.

FullSizeRender copy 86

I found some love along the way!FullSizeRender copy 78

High winds and a dragging anchor brought us back to Bluff House.  This weekend we should be journeying south again.

FullSizeRender copy 91



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