South to Little Harbor

There is only one direction to go in the Bahamas when you start in the Abacos…south!  We left Hope Town, the morning after a sweet date night with the Captain,

FullSizeRender copy 101

for a quick trip down to Little Harbor, IMG_9385

a quiet hurricane hole to wait out the windy weather…again.  We have enjoyed the Abaco islands to the east of the Great Abaco Island. Our next destination is Spanish Wells, a 60 mile crossing, to the northern tip of the Elutheras.


We have loved exploring this small part of the Great Abaco Island.  After entering from the north,


we tied up to a mooring buoy in this tranquil bay.IMG_9314


We dinghied ashore to Pete’s Pub,


a wonderful outdoor restaurant


where many people leave their mark. IMG_9374IMG_9321IMG_9322

Pete also has bronze statue art gallery there which he started in the 1950’s. David, our artist, had the wonderful opportunity to meet him. IMG_9334

We made a quick hike to the ocean side to see the rocky sea shore.IMG_9336FullSizeRender copy 104

filled with lots of love…big rocks, big love.  FullSizeRender copy 103IMG_9366

No sand castles built here.  IMG_9363

On Sunday, we planned to join our friends from Palm Coast at church in Marsh Harbor, a short, 24 minute taxi ride from the harbor.  Short, $80…each way, taxi ride.  No thanks.  They joined us afterwards for food and fellowship…so sweet!


We explored the caves on Monday.


Caves that long ago were found by the founding family of Pete’s Pub in the early fifties when they sailed into this bay. They chose to live there until proper housing was built.


Rocky, but fruitful and beautiful. How do trees


and flowers grow in and out of rocks??IMG_9406

Swimming and paddle boarding has allowed us to see nurse sharks, lots of young sea turtles and a manatee.  It is like a sanctuary to them here.

The beautiful sunrises


the quiet days

FullSizeRender copy 107FullSizeRender copy 108

fun in,

IMG_9409FullSizeRender copy 110


FullSizeRender copy 105FullSizeRender copy 106

and along the coast of this crystal clear water fill our days.IMG_9562IMG_9535

Because my hubby got me a paddle board, I love to see the underwater world from above.


Here was yesterday’s finds: These little guys were not as friendly as the others.

FullSizeRender copy 112FullSizeRender copy 111

These were.

FullSizeRender copy 120FullSizeRender copy 121

This sea urchin, though spiny, has a heart at its center.FullSizeRender copy 119

Sea anemones

FullSizeRender copy 122

and a nudibranch (noo dee bronk)-sea slug.  Google these guys and you will find this one quite boring in color, probably due to his surroundings…kinda camouflaged. FullSizeRender copy 115

Jon brought his surfboard to the Bahamas to catch some waves and he and his fearless dad headed out from the rocky beach for him to do some surfing.

IMG_9641IMG_9643FullSizeRender copy 125FullSizeRender copy 126IMG_9596FullSizeRender copy 116

On the boat, Jon loves creating Rube Goldbergs, a deliberately complex contraption in which a series of devices that perform simple tasks are linked together to produce a domino effect in which activating one device triggers the next device in the sequence, with his legos…challenging and sometimes frustrating to do on a boat, but not impossible for him.


Waiting here for the winds and waves to calm down out there and finding things to do in the rainy weather in here

FullSizeRender copy 124

finds us playing games

FullSizeRender copy 118

and cards.


We pulled this old book out for some new ideas beyond Grandma’s game and Euchre.


As each day closes, I am confident that all these things


truly make our “life on a boat” amazing.

“There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens”     Ecclesiastes 3:1


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  1. Anette Decker says:

    Thanks for the update and sharing your adventures. The trip brings back fond memories of our cruises to the Abacos, enjoying the beautiful water and skies.

    ​Safe cruising!​

    ​ Frank & ​ Anette

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