Sweet Visit to Eleuthera Bahamas

With a slight break in the wind, we said goodbye to Little Harbor IMG_9677

and were back in the open ocean…Captain on…IMG_9678

Captain off, Richard on


and headed down to Eleuthera, the middle island in the Bahamas.


I must say that this was my most challenging day of travel and I was “horizontal” for the 10 hour trip…not sick, I just didn’t like seeing the swells from the front and the wind chop from the side.  We missed all the squalls that popped up IMG_9683

Thankful again that our boat, my captain and and the crew can handle far more than I can!

The seas calmed as we approached Harbor Island and I resumed my spot in the helm. IMG_9685

We enjoyed a short stay at Harbor Island Marina, located on the east side of Grand Harbor Bay.IMG_9696IMG_9693IMG_9692

IMG_9749 copy

This island has trees that bring a smile to Jonathan’s face

IMG_9747 copyFullSizeRender copy 140

and people that bring a smile to mine.

IMG_9748 copy

FullSizeRender copy 141

Harbor Island is known for its great pink sand beaches,

FullSizeRender copy 131FullSizeRender copy 130FullSizeRender copy 128IMG_9754IMG_9751IMG_9757IMG_9722IMG_9727IMG_9743

a quaint town,


busy roads (golf carts and driving on the left side of the road)


other beautiful marinas


and of course, amazing sunsets.FullSizeRender copy 127

This was our first time visiting just the northern tip of Eluthera and I hope it will not be our last.




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