The Wells to Spanish Wells

With Captain Clayton aboard, IMG_9806

we traveled east from Eleuthera to the island of Spanish Wells through “the devil’s backbone,” a very precarious trip through coral heads.  After making it through, we rounded the island IMG_9812

and anchored at Gun Point.IMG_9814

The next day, Captain James from Spanish Wells came aboard


and after we moved the boat to an anchorage at Royal Island, he took us all to do things that we love around Spanish Wells.

I got to go shelling at this quiet little beach


where I found a little love


while the rest of the crew dove a wreck.  We all snorkeled and spear fished at a reef,



visited with his swimming pigs

IMG_9858FullSizeRender copy 151IMG_9876

and Jon caught us some yellowtail fish for dinner.IMG_9878IMG_9886

A great day!IMG_9898

Weather took us to Spanish Wells Marina


where we walked from the marina to church,


FullSizeRender copy 146and celebrated Father’s Day with a trip to Papa Scoops ice cream and a walk to the beach on the other side of the slender island.

FullSizeRender copy 134


We did some grocery shopping


This is the parking lot, haha.IMG_9910

And having the golf cart, we explored the entire 4 1/2 mile island

IMG_9904IMG_9907IMG_9949FullSizeRender copy 139FullSizeRender copy 138

We stayed for a week there and enjoyed the pool (Jon loved doing ring bubbles)IMG_9902FullSizeRender copy 156FullSizeRender copy 154FullSizeRender copy 153

visited the beach for a picnic

FullSizeRender copy 135FullSizeRender copy 136IMG_9798IMG_9796IMG_9793IMG_9776IMG_9803

dingied to and jumped from bridgeIMG_9765IMG_9763

IMG_0061FullSizeRender copy 143IMG_0043IMG_0048IMG_0057

and every night we visited Papa’s Scoops.  This was such an inspiration to me.

FullSizeRender copy 142IMG_0064

Open only from 7:30-10p, it is an ice cream spot in someones’s driveway, where they serve homemade, delicious, soft serve ice cream…2 different creative flavors every day. Golf carts line up like a drive through, but we walked the 2 blocks from the boat. We all loved it.


What an amazingly safe, trustworthy, sweet island and people.






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