Home again!

After our wonderful visit to Spanish Wells, we began our trip homeward.  God blessed us with a 5 day weather window and we enjoyed 3 days of sweet travel.  Before leaving, we anchored at Egg Island

IMG_0069 copy

enjoying a beautiful day in the water.  IMG_0070 copyIMG_0085 copyIMG_0449 copyIMG_0447 copy

The boys did their “workouts”FullSizeRender copy 161FullSizeRender copy 160

climbing up the anchor line

FullSizeRender copy 163FullSizeRender copy 162to the bow of the boatFullSizeRender copy 164Then they choreographed a jump back in…FullSizeRender copy 157FullSizeRender copy 159FullSizeRender copy 158and Katherine was right behind them.FullSizeRender copy 165

A beautiful last day!IMG_0444 copy

FullSizeRender copy 175

Our first day of travel home started with a beautiful smile from heaven and the God who keeps His promises.

IMG_0442 copy

We headed NW with the wind on our stern to the Berry Islands and stayed for the night at Great Harbor Cay.IMG_0450 copyIMG_0451 copy

Next day we continued NW with following seas and the wind still behind us (increased our speed just a little) to Blue Marlin Cove Marina just south of West End.  We arrived the same night as all the other fishermen for their annual Fish Fry.  People and noise, mosquitos and no see ums galore, and heat, humidity, and our AC’s going out made it the worst night’s sleep of our entire trip…. But GOD!! I love how He knows our needs before we even ask for help…. We departed early the next morning and opened all the windows for fresh air to come in and for the bugs to go out.  FullSizeRender copy 168

We set our bearing at 305 degrees (WNW) for Ft. Pierce, FL.

IMG_0481 copy

Fresh air came in, but the bugs that were throughout the entire boat did not go out. This is where God sent us help.  Forty miles from Florida,

IMG_0495 copy“Everett” came aboard.  This little yellow warbler

FullSizeRender copy 170

flew through the windows of the boat, then came back again and rested in the bridge where we all were.

He had an injured wing and how he was able to fly 40 miles from shore, by himself, with a damaged wing and no place to land is beyond me.  He rested happily.  FullSizeRender copy 172

We offered him crackers but his eyes took no notice of them…they were on something else…

FullSizeRender copy 171


FullSizeRender copy 173

He made his way through the entire boat, with Jonathan as his escort, and enjoyed almost every bug that we didn’t….for the last 5 hours of our crossing.  What a gift he was to us, and it seems that we were the same to him.  His tired wings were rested and his hungry tummy was happy.

FullSizeRender copy 166

We arrived at Ft. Pierce at 5:30pm where we quickly made our way to customs before their 6:00 closing time on Sunday.  Whew! We then celebrated Katherine’s 16th birthday at Seoul Garden for a Korean meal, the desire of her heart…even with silly brothers!

FullSizeRender copy 167IMG_0504 copy

She had the joy and privilege of meeting the owner and I will tell you more of what God is doing in Katherine’s life in another blog soon.  🙂

IMG_0505 copy

The next 2 days were awesome for travel up the ICW back to our present “home” in Palm Coast, Florida.  Our trip in the Bahamas was shorter than expected, but perfect none the less.

IMG_0513 copyIMG_0509 copyIMG_0516 copy 2IMG_0517 copy 2IMG_0510 copy

Our life on the boat is still simple, yet amazing.  FullSizeRender copy 176

We are so thankful that the LORD makes our steps firm…even on the water!




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Cindy Jackson says:

    Jimmy and I really enjoy seeing the pictures of your travels. We want to go down that way soon, but can’t decide where to go. Any suggestions? we want to see God’s natural beauty mostly and enjoy the culture of the people that live there.
    You are really living such a blessed life and your children are so fortunate to have parents able to give them such a gift!
    Hope you don’t mind Jimmy and I keeping up with your travels even though we only meet briefly in Nashville a couple of years ago with Betty Blackwell.
    Blessed and safe travels, Cindy Jackson

    1. smiley8kids says:

      Thank you Cindy & Capt. Jimmy!! All of the Bahamas are beautiful! My Capt can talk with yours if you desire to go!! ⛵️ 😊

    2. smiley8kids says:

      Love having you follow us if “real life” on a boat is interesting enough. We ARE blessed. Call us if you want to chat about your desire to travel! ⛵️⚓️

  2. Seth Carmody says:

    Wells family! It has been a while, but I hope you are doing well on the high seas! I was wondering if you had a good method of communication. I had a question for you.

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