Goodbye Spanish Wells

After posting about my “boat garden” last time, I want to give a shout out to AH who posted the video that inspired me on YouTube, AH Hydrogrow

All is growing great! Jon wanted “his romaine” to grow into a head of romaine.  Look what has happened…


Not what you get in the store, but beautiful none the less!IMG_5089

I am still picking a few from each every day or soIMG_0681.JPGIMG_0076IMG_5371IMG_6565IMG_9669

thus I am getting a “mess of greens” to enjoy on a regular basisIMG_8822.JPG

and Rick is enjoying his caprese salad with fresh basil!  Yes!!img_8917We have found romaine to be our favorite, so we have started a few more babies.img_6853

What fun! What yum!

As we prepared to leave Spanish Wells, Jon got to build a fire on the beachimg_0291img_0296

Scuba dive with Dad under the boat to make sure all was wellimg_5292img_0463img_1131

go fishing with a new friend, Rider, and his dad, img_5255

pick and try a Bahamian fruit called JuJu’s…like a crunch cherry with a pit, IMG_9839IMG_1498and say goodbye to the green moray eel found in the cage by the dock!  img_0753

Goodbye Spanish Wells!  You are one of our favorite places in the Bahamas!



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  1. Mary Phillips says:

    Amazing and beautiful! Happy Valentines Day!

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