Rock Sound, Eleuthra

We arrived safely to Rock Sound IMG_5586and anchored as the sun dipped below the horizon.IMG_3251

The next day we headed to shore and Jon quickly made friends with the “dock paws.”IMG_8300IMG_2963

We walked IMG_2658past some local shopsIMG_7591

to the Ocean Hole, an underwater cave and pool connected to the ocean.  IMG_3758


Jon enjoyed the jumping,

the swimming with the fish,


and observing the sea life that lived there.IMG_9729

“Wilson” enjoyed our expedition with us!IMG_9111

The next day we all hiked to the Boiling Hole Cave.  Jon climbed IMG_3302IMG_7502IMG_8379

while Rick and I walked.IMG_2931IMG_5913IMG_5214IMG_7581

Still finding “love” everywhere.IMG_2794Water here was beautiful…

IMG_3060IMG_6156IMG_4773 2

it always is!!

“…and the waters that were gathered together he called Seas. And God saw that it was good.” Genesis 1:10

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    Very nice

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