On to the Exumas

With beautiful winds from the east, we left Rock Sound and traveled west to the northern end of the Exumas, the most southern Bahama Islands.img_5646.png

We visited the Highbourne Cay docks with beautiful signage from faithful visitors,IMG_2793 2IMG_4267 2some friendly residents, IMG_34C210AC2AD7-1IMG_6964 2IMG_0833 2IMG_7570 2and beautiful beaches.IMG_1566 2

At this beautiful island, they get visitors from more than just boats.


It was here we anchored out in the lee of the island and prepared for a windy few days.

Our anchor dragged twice, both times in the dark hours of the night.  I give thanks that GOD never sleeps and our anchor alarm woke Rick both times for us to join our efforts and reset the boat in the midst of rain and wind. The red triangles are other boats which by His grace, both were spared any collision as the wind was coming from the “left.” img_5814.png

When the winds died down, we continued south in the Exumas and stopped at Shroud Cay. IMG_5821

We dinghied down many beautiful creeksIMG_5822IMG_2003IMG_3101IMG_5325IMG_3872IMG_5350

and stopped to explore many uninhabited mangrove islands.IMG_5820IMG_5819IMG_5817IMG_5818

Jon built a thatched hutIMG_5816

I found a little bit of love and added it to a pile of rocksIMG_9133

while Rick and Jon began to build their own towersIMG_9926IMG_9470IMG_1458IMG_7584

Jon’s tower represents the 13 years of milestones he has accomplished! IMG_2513 2Happy 13th Birthday to my last teenager and our great First Mate!!

Breakfast in bed is a family tradition


and fresh coconut cinnamon rolls are his favorite!!


Love watching this young man grow in wisdom, compassion, kindness and patience in the midst of his adventurous education and life!! Godspeed, Jonathan!

But, as it is written, “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him”—  1 Corinthians 2:9


One Comment Add yours

  1. Beverly Carroll says:

    Beautiful Picks and Happy Birhday to Jonathan! What a handsome young man growing up in a wonderful environment and the best parents he could have!

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